GEWar (finally) has ads

I have a news category, and I never use it… I should change this.

As a peg for this article the current event of ads on GEWar is a good idea. Shortly after they were put online, various people were in rage against them, but also a similar number of people supported it.

So what are my thoughts? In general, I hate ads. But what are the facts here? The server is incredibly slow, giving time outs all the time. If ads are to make Luke be able to afford a bigger (huge [giant {monster}]) server, then put them in. If they aren’t these wiggling, noisy flash things, they don’t really disturb you from playing. Only if…

Also, I got a load of PMs regarding Redux2. You know, the armies page didn’t work with the new ads in it. This shows how famous and common the script is, but also raises one question: if so many features are missed in the ’normal‘ GEWar, can’t some of them be implemented? This would highly reduce server load. I guess a lot of traffic on the server comes from Redux (so it is not like Redux, but a ’server killer‘)

Ok, that’s all from me today. I could continue, like write about AO’s raise or the new star ranking things, but they have already been well discussed in the forums.

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PS: And while writing, a new ad has been implemented into the right bar. A wiggling, blinking one of course 😕