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Some of you might know Need For Speed Underground (I am playing NFSU2). If you do, you also know the drift races, where you receive points for drifting as mad as possible ( 😉 )

I always did this in GTA, and finally made a script working much the same way as in NFSU2.

Usage: You can start the drift mode by typing /drift. Just grab a vehicle and drift 😉 Exiting the car will end drift mode, as will /enddrift.
Score is accumulated by drifting at at least 20° angle and 20km/h speed (which is, like, every drift that makes skid marks 😉 ). Crashing in a wall will cancel that drift, driving straight after the drift okays it. You get credited a tenth of the achieved score in money when successfully ending a drift.
At the end, there is a summary of how many points you got in total so you can compete with other players.

Compiling yourself: If you want to compile this for yourself, you need the includes,, and

Have fun!
Suggestions are welcome, of course.

2008-04-26: page written

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