Script: Martok’s Fireworks

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Based on Boylett’s funny xFireworks Include, I created a filterscript which lets admins create firework batteries which can then be fired.
Command help is available via /fwhelp.
Oh, and if you want to save… two things: first, it overwrites existing files… second: saving after a firework has been fired is useless ‚cause the batteries are removed after they are empty. So you might save an empty map…

Admin script integration: I built the script to cooperate with the admin script we use at the GermanFunserver. In OnPlayerCommandText, you will find the check for either RCON admin or Ingame-Admin. Our script allows to get a player’s level via a CallRemoteFunction-Call. If you have another method, you can simply put it in this line. If not, ignore it, it will do no harm if there is no such function in your script.

Compiling yourself: If you want to compile this for yourself, you need the sscanf code which can be found on the wiki (NOTE: I had to fix a bug in there, so you might need to update your version if you already have one.).
Also, for some special effects, I modified so there are random white and red rockets.
The versions I compiled with are included in the zip archive.

Files: The script can save the current setup to a file located in the scriptfiles folder. 2 are shipped with the script: vinewood.firework creates a nice firework on the vinewood sign, firewall creates a wall of fireworks near the entrance of LS airfield. Don’t you try to fly through with a helicopter 😆

Have fun, we do have it 😉
Suggestions are welcome, of course.

2007-12-30: initial release

NEW: demo video!
Watch it here!